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Bike Rentals
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Electric Bikes - E-Bike Rentals 2 hour minimum. $50 plus MMF $5: $25/hr

Damage incurred to bike during rentals shall be covered by the rider.

Bike Tours

Day Tour Costs
# in your group Half day Full day
7 to 12 $75 ea. $120 ea.
4 to 6 $95 ea. $145 ea.
2 to 3 $109 ea. $175 ea.
Individual $149 $285


Read Our Bike Tour Summary:

Potter’s Mtn. Sports and rentals of Big Bear Lake operates bike tours all spring, summer and fall starting in April and finishing in October. Tours are available for all skill levels, from beginner to intermediate, advanced, and up to expert level riders. We take the time before your tour to ascertain which trails are best for you in accordance to the package time allowance you chose. Your bike guide(s) are there for you. We assist in not only showing the way, we also offer with you tour free coaching which includes but not limited to: coaching and technique, safety issues, preventative ware and tear bike handling, pacing yourself, and much more. Snacks, and or lunch will be provided usually at a beautiful lookout or view spot, including beverages, fruits, and healthy snacks as well. Let us know if you cannot eat certain foods.

We are based at the center of Big Bear Valley in Big Bear Lake, Ca. This is our fifth season conducting bike tours, as well as just completing our fifth ski and board season. Most of our tour guides have lived in Big Bear for years, like the owner of Potter’s Mtn. Sports who grew up in Big Bear enjoying this wonderful mountain playground year-round. So be confident in knowing you are with an experienced group who knows the terrain very well.

Your tour begins the minute we leave the shop, often by bike.

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Skyline Tour

A Half Day Trip: Known as the “2-N10” trail, we just call it Skyline as that’s what it is; a perfect view of the sky atop the southern mountains of Big Bear Valley. Skyline overlooks the San Gorgonio Mountains across the Santa Ana river valley, as well as an endless view of Southern California. This is a great spot to take photos while we have a cool drink and snack or lunch. There are two options to the trail, one the US forestry dirt road and the bike path. They are within twenty to one hundred yards of each other and can easily be interchanged. Level skill of riding is intermediate and if you are in semi-descent shape you should be able to handle it. For more advanced riders we offer you to start with a thirty minute hill climb. For beginners to intermediate (meaning fitness) we offer to drive you up to the Skyline cutoff where you’ll begin your ride. From there it’s a couple hours across the trails down near Cedar Lake ending up down by the Alpine Slide and coasting into the Village, around Meadow Park and back to our shop. All in all it’s a challenging, yet fun and accomplishable ride with a variety of forest to experience.

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Town Trail & Downtown Tour

A Half Day Trip: Enjoy a fairly simple ride that takes you across the base of both ski resorts in Big Bear dropping you into downtown Big Bear Lake’s Village. From there we bike around lake front houses, Meadow Park, and Eagle Point ending up back at our shop feeling slightly tired yet refreshed. You’ll easily end up back within the half day marker.

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Holcomb Valley Tour

A Half or Full Day Trip: Your Holcomb Valley Tour takes you over the mountains to the north of Big Bear Valley into a natural retreat of history and splendor. We drive you in to Holcomb where we explore the historical mining area of the 1800’s. You’ll be shown historical markers including the Hang-mans tree, Wilbur’s Grave, the Pinnacle Rocks, and even an original trading post, the areas gold mining center. Holcomb Valley is unique in that the gold-miners of the 1800 had pulled what some say was the most gold out of California back in that era. The ride is pleasantly and mainly flat on maintained dirt roads. The landscape is high desert mountainous, dry, and full of fresh air, blue skies and the smell of fresh pine trees everywhere. The meadows have tall dragon grass and sage. It’s a beautiful ride with so much to take in, so be sure your batteries are charged.

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Butler Peak Tour

All Day Advanced Ride: You’ll depart from Potter’s Mtn. Sports with your tour guide, across the lake onto the Alpine Peddle Path heading west along the north shore of Big Bear Lake. From there you’ll venture into Fawnskin (a small community on the north side of the lake. We then head up into the mountains on the forestry road climbing up moderate to steep grades. You trip to the top is tough but well worth the view. You’ll look out over the San Bernardino Mountains breath taking view, where the U.S. Forestry has a fire watch tower perched high on the rocks. This vantage point of 8.200 feet allows the fire fighters early detection of wild fires. The ride returns to Potter’s where you’ll drop 1,500 feet in elevation back to the Bear Valley region and reflect on an amazing ride.

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Tune-ups & Repairs

Quick Tune $45
Full Tune $75
Flat fix $7 (plus parts)
Tubeless fix $17 (plus parts)
Brake bleed $27 (plus parts)
Brake burp $17
Derailer adjustment $17 front & rear